Great Message from Matthew Kelly

As we prepare for the coming of our Savior during this Advent Season, let us watch and listen to this short message by Matthew Kelly and ponder how we as members of Christ's body can bring positive change into the world in which we live.

The Real Presence

Father William Casey, C.P.M. gives a most powerful and insightful talk on Christ's Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. This presentation is by far the best I have ever heard preached on the Holy Eucharist. It is a message that needs to be heard and understood by every Catholic. I wish I had thousands of these CDs to give away! The following is a video of several minutes of Father Casey's talk. I cannot locate a full video version, or DVD of his presentation, but the audio is extremely powerful, and very well done! Father William Casey is a gifted speaker and homilist! Please consider purchasing one of these CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media. You can do so at…/the-holy-eucharist

I Struggle with the Rosary

Do you struggle with the Rosary?

“The Rosary is a type of prayer, which is linked to our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so unless you really understand and appreciate the core of why we have a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Rosary is never going to make any sense to you.”

Why Belong to a Church? I Can Pray and Worship God on My Own!

We often hear things like, I don't need to belong to a church, I'm spiritual and can worship and pray to God on my own. Here is a good video in response to such philosophies.

Who Are YOU?

You are uniquely and awesomely created by a God who loves you beyond human comprehension!