In Just Five Days!

Five days remain until we celebrate the birth of our Savior, and so I wanted to share this video with you. It features the song, Mary Did You Know. Merry Christmas!

Evangelization Opportunity

Visit The Reason For Our Hope Foundation website where Father Larry Richards presents some great lessons on the Catholic Faith on both audio and video. You may also listen audio files of past homilies he’s given at his parish, St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life Community, in Erie Pennsylvania.

I became a fan of Father Larry Richards after listening to his audio presentation a year or two ago entitled, The Mass Explained. I have since purchased the video of this presentation, which I believe is a must see for every Catholic, fallen-away Catholic, and those thinking of converting to the catholic Faith.

I like Father Larry’s style! He pulls no punches and never compromises the truth!

Are You a Real MAN?

Are you a MAN, or do you just think you’re a MAN? Just as merely uttering the words, ‘I love you’ are meaningless without them being made manifest through action, calling yourself a MAN, is equally as meaningless without acting like one!

What must I do to be a real MAN you ask? God provided us the perfect example of what it is to be a MAN in our Lord Jesus Christ! Another great example is St. Joseph, the man God charged to love and care for His very Son, as well as our Blessed Mother!

Want to be a REAL MAN? For starters, take a little time away from the things far less important, pray for wisdom, and get yourself a copy of Father Larry Richards latest book, Be A Man, and as you read it allow the words to sink in and take root! Then ask God for the grace and strength to make the necessary changes in your life!

Father Larry is right on target, and pulls no punches in offering his words of wisdom in the areas of love, marital fidelity, lust, sex, and everything else we need to know about to really and truly Be A Man!

Heaven on Earth

Father Larry Richards, in his presentation entitled, The Mass Explained, says this about what occurs at every Mass, ‘eternity folds into the present and the present folds into eternity.’

At the beginning of each Mass we hear the priest say these words in what is known as the Penitential Rite, “My brothers and sisters, to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries, let us call to mind our sins.”

Yes, the fact that the God of the universe, Jesus Christ, becomes truly present among us and gives Himself to us in the Eucharist is a mystery of faith. As we commemorate Christ’s one redeeming sacrifice for the sins of the world, we join our Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints at the foot of the cross as we give glory and honor to our Savior as He gives us His life so that we may live!

How awesome is this image? And how privileged we are to stand in His presence!

Dr. Scott Hahn, in his book, The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth, uses a beautiful illustration of the Mass as a time “when heaven touches down to save an earth under siege.” Of course Dr. Hahn is referring to the continuous battle we wage against the spiritual forces of darkness perpetrated by Satan and his army of demons.

Now that we have a little knowledge of what goes on at Mass, it should be a place where we all long to be! We should be there as often as possible, and eagerly look forward to each and every celebration of this Holy Sacrifice!

Please pass this on to all our Catholic brothers and sisters, as well as all humanity for that matter – Jesus gave His life for ALL!