Are You a Real MAN?

Are you a MAN, or do you just think you’re a MAN? Just as merely uttering the words, ‘I love you’ are meaningless without them being made manifest through action, calling yourself a MAN, is equally as meaningless without acting like one!

What must I do to be a real MAN you ask? God provided us the perfect example of what it is to be a MAN in our Lord Jesus Christ! Another great example is St. Joseph, the man God charged to love and care for His very Son, as well as our Blessed Mother!

Want to be a REAL MAN? For starters, take a little time away from the things far less important, pray for wisdom, and get yourself a copy of Father Larry Richards latest book, Be A Man, and as you read it allow the words to sink in and take root! Then ask God for the grace and strength to make the necessary changes in your life!

Father Larry is right on target, and pulls no punches in offering his words of wisdom in the areas of love, marital fidelity, lust, sex, and everything else we need to know about to really and truly Be A Man!

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