A Wealth of Information!

I recently attended a Catholic Men's Conference at which the Knights of Columbus were present and distributing some very informative, well written, and easy to read booklets from the Knights of Columbus Catholic Information Service. The booklets I have read are: The Gift of Woman, The Family in the Modern World, and Becoming a Man of God.

The great thing is that these booklets are available online as downloadable audio files or pdf files. You may also order hard copies of the booklets for only a $1.00 each, and at reduced rates for bulk orders.

The booklets cover a wide variety of topics on matters pertaining to Catholic faith and life. You can access this great resource at the following link - http://www.kofc.org/un/eb/en/publications/cis/podcasts/veritas/index.html

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  1. Hello, I belong to an organization that is focused on Catholic teaching. Please take a moment and visit our website at http://www.kepharocks.org we are bringing the REAL MEN back! We also have an awesome video one of our members made during last months (April 2010) Chastity retreat. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56F4N_H9PDI
    God Bless Brothewr.