The Big Bang - Who was there before it? Who put it all into motion?

The creation of the vast universe, billions upon billions of galaxies, containing billions upon billions of stars, the universe in which we live upon this tiny planet we call earth, is an awesome thing to ponder!

Unlike a man-made bomb, which explodes into existing space, the “Big Bang” explosion created even the space into which it exploded and expanded. Space did not yet exist.

Today, astrophysicists estimate that the temperature of the entire universe at just a tiny fraction of a second after the “Big Bang” explosion was 1000 trillion degrees Celsius. Even the cores of the hottest stars in today's universe are much cooler than that. As mere humans, we lack the ability to begin to even imagine the intensity of such force, energy, and heat!

Man looks to science for proof of God’s existence. But science has its limits.

With regard to the “Big Bang” theory, science has the authority to tell us how things are only from the moment of the explosion until today. Science has no legitimacy, no power to tell us anything about what happened or Who was there prior to the explosion. It cannot tell us why the explosion took place in the first place. That is the province of religion and spirituality, and the legitimate authorities on that subject are the great saints and prophets, and all to whom God has revealed such knowledge.

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